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International activity

International activity

International activity

National University of Shipbuilding was founded in 1920. It is the leading institution of higher education of Ukraine, which prepares specialists in shipbuilding and other related industries.

More than 55,000 specialists have graduated from the University and now work in the national and foreign shipbuilding industry.

The main directions of preparation: applied mechanics; Material Science; Aviation and space rocket technology; Shipbuilding; River and sea transport; Thermal power; Power engineering; Cybersecurity; Electricity, electrical engineering and electromechanics; Automation and computer-integrated technologies; Electronics; Telecommunications and radio engineering; River and sea transport; Software Engineering; Computer Science; System analysis; Information systems and technologies; Management; Applied Linguistics; Design; Physical education and sports; Law; Economy; Finance, banking and insurance; Accounting and taxation; Ecology; Environmental protection technology; Computer Engineering; Metrology and information and measurement technology.

To ensure effective international cooperation in the fields of science, technology, education and culture, the University has established a training and scientific center for international cooperation at the National University of Shipbuilding, consisting of:

  • the sector of grant activity and academic mobility, which supports the implementation of scientific, technical, educational projects for granting grants, providing legal support, including visa support;

  • educational and methodological sector, which organizes training of foreign students, graduate students, doctoral students;

  • preparatory department for foreign citizens, where students learn Russian or Ukrainian (at the request of students) during the first semester. The second semester aims to familiarize you with the core disciplines required to prepare for the entrance exam for the university.

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The main activities of the ESCIC are:

- professionally oriented work aimed at organizing the admission of foreign nationals to the NUOS;

- effective organization of the educational process for foreign students and students of the NUOS preparatory department;

- training of highly qualified scientific personnel - graduate students, doctoral students for foreign countries;

- development of scientific, educational, methodological and cultural relations with higher education institutions in Europe, Asia, Africa, USA;

- integration of NUOS with international organizations and associations;

- organization of foreign business trips for NUOS staff and students;

- organization of student exchange programs;

- development and implementation of educational and methodological, scientific and technical projects for foreign organizations and universities on a contractual basis;

- participation in youth, student, scientific and technical projects and programs, as well as carrying out procedures for receiving grants;

- registration of foreign nationals who are in Ukraine for the purpose of studying at the NUOS;

- participation in international scientific educational exhibitions, seminars, conferences, forums and more.

For many years, the University has been cooperating with universities, research institutions and industrial enterprises of the USA, China, Great Britain, Germany, Norway, Poland, Romania, Turkey, Bulgaria, Iran, Spain, Vietnam and the CIS countries.

One of the most important areas of NUOS activity is the participation of teachers, staff, students, graduate students in scholarships, international grants, such as the German Academic Exchange Service or DAAD, the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, the Fulbright Program, the International Commission on Research and Exchange (XRE, United States), the Education for Democracy Foundation (Poland), and more. Ukraine has become an independent state, many more NUOS scientists have participated in various international programs, such as EU TEMPUS, the International Association of INTAS Projects, Science and Technology Center of Ukraine (STCU), the Foundation for Civilian Research and Development (CRDF), leading scientific centers in the USA, Germany, Japan, Poland, Russia, France, Israel, and more.

With their lectures, the scientists of the university travel to the USA, Asia, Europe and Africa. They carry out scientific projects on a contractual basis for foreign customers in the fields of shipbuilding and ocean engineering, marine energy, technology and new materials, electronics and electrical engineering, ecology and environmental protection.

The university is now focused on the effective implementation of the ideas of the Bologna Declaration. One of its leading industries is the application of joint curricula together with prominent higher education institutions in Europe.